Paolo Leone

This is the blog where I write about my project called “globetrotter”: a world tour by hitchhiking and couchsurfing . Here I write about my dreams and my feelings, how I plan my moving, tales about places I visited and tips for newcomer travelers.

If you want to know more about who I am and what is the Globetrotter project about, below you can read my bio and the concept. Just click to open each section… Yes, they are very long, but i could not write less! 🙄


log-1 Nerd with a degree in computer science, web lover and development addicted: I am Paolo Leone, aka pleone, born in Termoli ( Molise ) in the very far 1983. I always worked with web and digital: Senior PHP Developer, Java Developer, Software Analyst, Team Leader. I love my job,  and I found lot of satisfaction with it: i worked with great realities and awesome people.
Unluckily, I suffer “monotony”. In 2011, after 4 years of studies and 5 years of work, I left Bologna moving to Treviso. This was a radical change:  I decided to leave a permanent contract in favor of freelance: that’s not madness, simply did not know the world of invoices, withholding and accountant, I just was curious … above all I did not like the idea of “sitting down” due to a permanent position. Working as a freelance woke me up and I start to do many jobs, here and there.

Not enough.

In December 2011 I founded Webforall , a non profit association, with some friends. Even here some success: interviews with newspapers, Radio Rai and the opportunity to organize an event during the Digital Week in Venice.

Not enough.

I know something is flowing away. I try to do new jobs:  in November 2013 I enter the magic world of Makers  : some nice things happens, like  #statento (video) and a  gag with Italian premier Renzi. Very funny, but still boring.
So I thought about living abroad, find a new job e new friends: I found many interesting opportunities and ideas … But I realized that sooner or later I’ll be starting again with monotony. And from this thoughts everything starts: I realized that to feel good with the world and everyone, I need to feel good with myself.
Life is not all about work or career and the theory of  downshifting starts to inspire me.   Sports, hobbies and … the thing I love most : to travel. From downshifting  to “globetrotter” it’s just a moment: I quit everything and start a new life with everything  I love to do. I needo to get drunk of life, to know everything and everyone. What about the future? I don’t care about it and I’m scared: I build my future with the present.
And so: world travel by hitchhiking here we are!

Oh yes, I almost forgot to say that … I always have my sunglasses on!  😎


As of the end of the nineteenth century there is a new form of travel, practiced by globetrotter. These travelers lived a golden age in the early decades of the twentieth century, offering shipments unlikely with makeshift and often financing the trip by selling postcards. [Wikipedia]

As said in the previous section, the idea of a world tour by hitchhiking was born from a series of circumstances: need to travel, well-being, curiosity, breaking schemes. The name Globetrotter  fits perfect to my project: a random travel, with  random transports and on-the-road funding. My purpose is to visit all of the places listed in my Goals page: many points of this list was suggested to me by friends and visitors of the blog. It’s an open list, so everyone can write me and suggest a place to visit 🙂 Just  contact me and give me some information about the place to visit.

During my travel I will carry with me all kind of instruments to document and share emotions, places, feelings and my adventures. My idea is a social-media-world-tour: I want to write everything about this adventure and at the same time share my problems, my solutions and best practices so every new traveler can learn  from my suggestions or my mistakes.

Like every good project, there are some rules and limitations. These are the ten commandments: 

  1. Minimum duration of the trip: 6 months. There’s no way back. No maximum set.
  2. I must travel by Hitchhiking. I should pay just for emergency or oceanic transfer.
  3. I must sleep just at friend’s house, couchsurfing or by hostels.
  4. Zero Km food: no fast food, except in case of really low money.
  5. Budget: start with the earning of my summer market: car, motorbike, bike and everything I won’t need anymore. This budget can increase only working during my tour or with donations. If I finish the money, I go back home.
  6. Update blog with post and check-in of the places I’ve been to.
  7. Say thank you to anyone: by a photo, video, or in the thanks page.
  8. All of the postcards must be sent ( read more about postcards ).
  9. In each picture I must have my sunglasses.
  10. Call my family at least once per week.