If you like to support me or just help to buy a beer ’cause you like what I’m doing……

… That’s the right way! 🙂

I accept paypal donations to buy a warm soup or some clothes for cold times.

But I like to thanks who’s donating to me. And I will say thank you in a creative way: by a postcard!

I’ve always been a huge fan of postcards ( I have lots in my house) and the idea to share places and emotions by this “old school” way, is very fascinating for me.

For this reason I will send a postcard from the place I’m visiting to anyone who’s donating some bucks. Paper postcards, of course. No mail postcard 🙂  I will buy it or print it from one of my pictures taken during the tour.

I will ask your details by mail. I’ll be as fast as I can, i promise ! 😎