Bed & Breakfast for everyone! If you already know what we are talking about, let’s make it short: from here you can have a great discount for your first travel using Airbnb! Use it fast, it’s not a forever promotion (you’ve been warned! ) 😉 If you don’t know Airbnb, I will explain it just a few words: Airbnb is a website for people to rent out lodging. Users of the site must register and create a personal online profile before using the site, facebook is accepted too. Every property is associated with a host whose profile includes recommendations by other users, reviews by previous guests, as well as a response rating and private messaging system. The funny thing is you can rent private rooms, whole apartments, castles, villas, boats, yachts, tree-houses, igloos, private islands and much much more 🙂 Airbnb is a good alternative to hostels or a plan B when you don’t find any host on couchsurfing … or even if you need to be a little more intimate 😉 On the other side, it’s a good way to earn some extras if you have some space to rent: placing an announcement is really easy and the same is to get paid. You just need to get into it: if you’re hosting of if you’re traveling, remember you’re sharing house and time with someone else. So be respectful, don’t be shy and smile the most you can: one smile can save you all the time, specially if you don’t know the language of the other person!:)

How it works

Super easy: register (facebook accepted too) and then start browsing, searching for you best location thanks to filters. Ask the host and, after being accepted, you will exchange contacts as mail and phone. You can read feedback about hosts, to see if the house is clean, safe, and so on. For the check-in and check-out there is no standard protocol. Host and guest will agree about details and key exchange. For the payment, Airbnb will debt the entire amount at the request time (after accepted!) and transferring money 24 hours after check in. This way both host and guest are protected by the Terms of Service, cancellation policy and much more. If you host or if you travel, the website is really easy to use and has got a big community to help you.

Is it safe?

Yes, it is! As well as the feedback, Airbnb verify all the personal profiles and the announces asking for a picture of a document, a phone number (hidden till the end of the agreement) and other infos.


Sure! Airbnb did a really good job with this: for host 1.000.000$ for steal or damage. For travelers there are various warranties and protections: host not reachable, house not so clean, …