Couple of russian – Denis and Katya – doing a worldwide tour


Name, Surname: Denis and Katya (World for love) Start date of last travel (dd/mm/yyyy): 22/10/2014 End date of last travel (dd/mm/yyyy):Age: more than 35 From: Russia Favorite Quote: “Why not?” and of course “I don’t want be alone in the desert” (Paolo Leone) One amazing thing I’ve done: our wedding 🙂 Who,Where, Why, What, When: We (couple of russian – Denis and Katya) started our travel after 2 years of preparation. We all time wanted to travel and one day our dream start to be true. We are now traveling from Norway through all Europe to Morocco, where we met with one amazing guy – Paolo 🙂 After we went to Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Pery, Bolivia and now we return to Brazil. We have some plan to go to India and Nepal,